- Look this link up to know about polarity definition and which ones are the most common polar bonds and why :

                                                         * Polarity and polar bonds.

 - An interesting videos explaining what polar and nonpolar molecules are. It’s told in a fast english but if you watch it several times you will understand the basis of the explanations thanks to the images and drawings and outlines shown at the video :

                                                              * Polarity video.

                                                              * Polarity video 2.

                                                              * Polarity video 3.

 - Read and watch here about water polarity, one of the most important compounds on earth and chemistry :

                                                              * Read about water polarity.

                                                               *Water polarity video 0.

                                                               * Water polarity video 1.

                                                                * Water polarity video 2.

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