* Activity 1.2  ( 20 points ):   Supporting structures.      ( 8/23/17   Wednesday )

   - ACTIVITY 1.2 : Forces are very important in every facets of our life. But today we’re going to analyze what they have to do with the structures that surround us.

     1.2.0    Review concepts from activity 1.1
                 At the following crossword look for five word-concepts we learnt at the last activity 1.1


                                                                      ( Force’s effects )

     1.2.a   To understand what we’re going to do today we watch a very nice video first :

                                      VIDEO FOR BUILGING  A STRUCTURE’S STABILIZER.

 - Supporting structures.      ( 8/24/17   Thursday )

      1.2.b   Build that triangle structure in order to support a pile of books.
                 Use the materials given by your teacher to build it.

       1.2.c   After building the structure you have made and checked, talk in pairs about the reason why it is necessary to have a bunch of these triangle strucutures in order to support an object.  What is happening with the forces around these triangles?.
                        Write your answer at your notebook and show it and give it to your teacher.

 - Make a report of what you have done in class about building your stiffen structure.


        1.2.d   What does it happen when forces are not nicely worked out?...check it!!

                                                        Tacoma bridge collapse video                                



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