EXPLAINING HOW THE ELECTROMAGNET WORKS.

        When using an electromagnet we have two kind of forces involved, electric forces and magnetic forces. The running electrical current throughout the cable and wrapped around the nail creates a magnetic field that generates magnetic forces.  This forces atract finally the metallic clips.

* Activity 1.5  ( 15 points ) :   Explaining an electromagnet.    ( 8/30/17 Wednesday )

        1.5.a   Review crossword exercise    ( electromagnet’s parts ).  ( 5 points ).

        1.5.b   The following activity allows you to understand how an electromagnet works.
                   Try ordering the paragraphs so that the electromagnet’s mechanism can be understood.

                                                                    Video :  How an electromagnet works.

                                                                               ORDERING PARAGRAPHS      ( 10 points ).

           1.5.c   At the back of the paper given in the last activity, place the electromagnet’s parts at the appropriate location.


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