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- Go to this link, subscribe and create you own online amaze presentation :

 When subscribing don't forget to use the web in the english setting option !!.



- What a Powerpoint presentation is!! ...look at it up !! :

- To start on Powerpoint you are going to follow the next steps and do the following exercises :

1) Watch these videos :

2) Do these exercises :

> EXERCISE 1. (Flow charts).

> EXERCISE 2. (Tables).

> EXERCISE 3. (Charts).

- In order to check whatever ítem about how to develop a PowerPoint presentation you can look this link up :

- You can also try doing these videos about column and line charts before you begin with the lesson 4 from english eines TIC blog  :


 - Exemple 1 to practice EXCEL for the first time :

 This link will drive you directly to the 2ESO blog activities about eines TIC (Excel, Word, etc).  You can also find this blog in ENLACES section of this blog :