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7th GRADE SCIENCE : Article 5 : Total solar eclipse on 21th August 2017.

7th GRADE SCIENCE :  Article 5 : Total solar eclipse on 21th August 2017.



                                    TOTAL SOLAR ACLIPSE ON AUGUST 21th.      ( 8/18/17  Friday )

   1- Are you ready for the total solar eclipse on 21th August next week?. Check on the following video what a total solar eclipse is and how you may watch it without damage your ayes and why it is going to be well visible in Kentucky.

                                                              TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE VIDEO

    2- Read the information given by your teacher about the total solar eclipse and answer the questions at the paper’s bottom.

                                                            TEXT TO READ :  SOLAR ECLIPSE


   3-  Will you go out to see the eclipse next Monday?, you will enjoy if you do.

                                                      VIDEO HOW TO DO A PINHOLE CAMERA.

        Try now to explain with your own words what a total solar eclipse consists of. Write you explanation at the paper’s back from the activity 2. 

    4-  Explain the way you are going to see the eclipse for you know you cannot see it looking directly at the sun unless you want to damage seriously your eyes. Which method are you going to use to see the eclipse?  glasses?  pinhole?.

                                        HOMEWORK FOR WEEKEND 8/19/17 - 8/21/17

    - As a homework about the solar eclipse to can do these two works :

 1) Look for  the meaning of the following vocabulary (PDF file attached) on internet :

                                                                   Vocabulary (PDF).

  2a) Search in internet how many total solar eclipse there have been since the year 1900 to  on 21 August 2017.

  2b)  How many of them have been able to be seen in USA (Kentucky)?.


      - At the following link you can find how many solar eclipses ( counting partial and total solar eclipses in total, about 92 since 1900 ) there have been since 1900 to 2017 :

                                                   Number of solar eclipses since 1900

   - Addicional interesting and nice information about the solar eclipse :

                                                       SOLAR ECLIPSE WEBPAGE

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