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4ESO FQ English 2018-2019. Unit 3 DYNAMICS (FORCES). Article 5.

4ESO FQ English 2018-2019. Unit 3 DYNAMICS (FORCES). Article 5.


        - You already know what Dynamic is from what you studied before about forces lesson. But you have anyway a reminder here :

        + Dynamics, branch of physical science and subdivision of mechanics that is concerned with the motion of material objects in relation to the physical factors that affect them: force, mass, momentum, energy. Newton’s laws of motion are directly related to Dynamics and, even more, they explain it.

       - MASS AND WEIGHT :

* Activity 1.32  :   Gravity and weight.                                          ( Monday )

           * WEIGHT and mass pic, page 61.

           *   These are the questions to answer  looking up the following links :

                                                               Gravity on whiteboard.

               1.32.a   GRAVITY, MASS AND WEIGHT. ( slides )                                                          

               1.32.b   MASS AND WEIGHT.     (hyperphysics website with definitions and equations).


               1.32.c   GRAVITY.  

                             Check your weight on other planets.

                             Here you can work out mass, gravity or weight.

                              Gravity in action on Pumpkins.

                                       When you finish answering all the questions.           ( 20 points ).

         + Do this PROBLEM about finding Jupiter’s gravity from knowing a person’s mass and his/her weight.

         * Page 68 Gravitation.

         * Page 68 Earth planet gravitation big size pic.

         * Page 68 Text about universal gravitation ( Newton’s equation ).

         > When attraction between Earth and an object is considered, Newton’s gravitation equation becomes like this :

                                                              Newton’s gravitation equation with Earth mass

         + NEWTON’S GRAVITATION EQUATION PROBLEMS.       Just try them !!

         + Here you have a problem about Gravitational attraction force  ( wording pic and then a solution pic ) in
            which one you have to solve for another variable different from the attraction force F.

                                                                        Problem wording

                                                                        Problem solution

         + At the following website you can check all whatever you want about GRAVITATION !!   ( Kepler’s laws included ).

          + VIDEO 1  easy explained the 3 Kepler’s laws.
          + VIDEO 2   easy explained the 3 Kepler’s laws.
          + VIDEO 3  easy explained the 3 Kepler’s laws.
          + VIDEO 4  easy explained the 3 Kepler’s laws.
          + VIDEO 5  even one more video explaining Kepler’s laws.
          + Right  HERE  you can find a page with an easy way to learn and understand   Kepler’s laws.

           + Let’s try now the exercises 1 and 3 from the following website about Kepler’s laws.
          + Let’s try a few more problems about solving and using Keple’s laws.

* Activity 1.34  :   Reviewing Mass and gravity.                                          ( Monday )

  1.34.a   Pics of earth, gravity and weight to make the poster.         ( 10 points ).


  1.34.c   Fun way to review forces.              ( 5 points ).
                           Copy this outline on a sheet in order to review some of the forces studied.

  LINK 2  ( Weight , mass , gravity ).

* Activity 1.33  :   Gravity and weight test.                                     ( Tuesday )

                               GRAVITY , MASS AND WEIGHT TEST.                                ( 10  points ).

                                                                    Newton’s laws quizzes.

          *  Page 69 Dynamics summary.

          *  Page 73 GPS text and activity.

      -  Gravity text to be worked on class :  Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Page 4

      -  Gravity cards for a talking activity : 

                                                   Pic 1 Questions 1 to 6  

                                                   Pic 2 Questions 7 to 12
                                                   Pic 3  Answers 1 to 6

                                                   Pic 4   Answers 7 to 12

                                                   Questions cards pic 1
                                                   Questions cards pic 2
                                                   Questions cards pic 3
                                                   Answers cards pic 1
                                                   Answers cards pic 2
                                                   Answers cards pic 3


   - INCLINED PLANE ( advanced extra class ) :

          - An inclined plane, also known as a ramp, is a flat supporting surface tilted at an angle, with one end higher than the other, used as an aid for raising or lowering a load. The inclined plane is one of the six classical simple machines defined by Renaissance scientists.

                   +  Video 1  Inclined plane.

                   +  Video 2 Inclined plane. Sine and cosine components.

                   +  Video 3  Inclined plane, sine and cosine components exercise example.

                   +  Video 4 Inclined planes and ramps.

          * Page 66 Inclined plane text and example. Working out Weight components.

          * Page 66 What slope is in a inclined plane and how to work it out.

          * Sine and cosine calculation. Page 66 inclined plane slope example.

          - Now it is time for you to achieve an exercise like that. Just try doing the 
            following exercise :

                    + Wording exercise 1

                       Find the components of a force F whose magnitude is 20 N and its direction is 
                          defined by angle θ = 30° made by the force and the positive x-axis as shown below.


                    + Wording exercise 2

                       Find the components of a force whose magnitude is 50 N and its direction is given by                           angle α = 25° made with the negative y-axis as shown in the diagram.

                    + You can find the solutions and explanations about the way to achieve 
                       them HERE.

                    + HERE   ,   You can find more exercises of the same kind.

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