EASYFISQUIM , ESO i Batxillerat.






     Video in english about a parallel multiforce system and how to find out the net
     resultant forcé.

 2. FORCES :

     Website with high level exercises about parallel multiforce systems with solutions.
     University level. Website in english.

 3. FORCES :

     Website in spanish explaining very well an example of two unlike parallel forces and
     the way to work out the resultant force and the right point where it is placed.

 4. Maths 3ESO Polynomials :

     Website with polynomial explanations and exercises.  ( )


    YouTube video in english with a guy explaining how to work out problems having
    work, forces, friction, energy, velocity and acceleration involved.

 6. Forces : inclines, friction forces, components, angles, 2nd newton law problems.

     2nd Newton’s law problems with horizontal tables, with inclines, and very well 
     explained using vectors, angles, friction forces, tensions, drawing vectors. 
     It is almost 12th grade physics level but it is a nice website to check.

 7. Chemistry 1st and 2nd Batxillerat:

          a)  Website 1
          b)  Website 2
          c)  Website 3
          d)  Website 4
          e)  Website 5
          f)   Website 6 (1r Batx )
          g)  Website 7  a lot of resources (1st and 2nd batx)
          h)  Website 8 ( Anaya solucionari 1st and 2batx , etc )
          i)   Excel.lent web chemistry in context 1st and 2nd batx. (xtec).
          j)   Laboratori virtual al aula, batx. Article per llegir i anar al enllaç.
          k)  Website with huge number of links to any acid-base issue and others.
          l)   Moodle website from Institut Cendrassos with all lessons 2nd Batx.
          m) Website IES Badalona VII with all lessons.
          n)  Xtec exemples experiències laboratori diferents temes 2n batx química.
          ñ)  Pràctiques de laboratori per a 2nd batx.
          o)  Material varios temas IES alcobendas 2nd batx química.
          p)  Amazing website for 1st batx physics and chemistry with huge nice well
               designed material.
          q) 2nd batx experiences. Gravimetric clorur analysis and acid-base valoration.

  8. Números complejos2 nice videos ( part 1 and part 2 about an old experienced  
                                   teacher from Argentina explaining basic issues about  
                                     complex numbers.

  9. Molar mass work out from atomic mass values, estequiometric calculations.
      Nice website where it is all explained with big nice photos and easy examples
      accordint to 1rs batxillerat grade (11th grade chemistry ). (web in spanish).

 10. Gasos exercises websites:

            Link 1     to get exercises and examples about gases problems.
            Link 2     "
            Link 3     "

  11. 1r Batx fine Chemistry material from IES Badalona VII :   LINK  

  12. 2n Batx Chemistry material from IES Baix a mar :   LINK  

  13. 2n ,1r ,4ESO , 2ESO ,etc Chemistry and physics materials from IES Maria
        Aurèlia Campany  :    LINK  

        * 4ESO FQ blog and lot of links to chemistry webs exercises and resources :  LINK
        * ESO website with nice easy experiments to be done 2ESO,3ESO :   LINK

        * ESO several salts solubility lab experiences (solubilitat amb la temp) :         LINK

  14.  Nice chemical experiments for ESO :   LINK 1     LINK 2      LINK 3 (energia hidrogen)

  15.  Very useful chemistry lessons from University Carlos III in a slide html way :   

  16. Amazing chemistry material 2n batxillerat, whole lesson plans (educa aragon) :  


  17. Nice slide xtec link about sort of chemical bonds :   LINK

  18. Xtec 2n batx chemistry in action ( chemistry within natural processes ) :   LINK

  19. PAU Chemistry and Physics exams and solutions from 2000 to 2019  :    LINK

  20. Experiments and calculations with calorimeter  (Cp i Cv ) :     LINK

  21. Kinetics experiments reports and instructions :     LINK

  22. Equilibrium complete slides :  LINK 1     LINK 2

  23. All lessons, files and solutions from 2nd batx chemistry IES Pius Font i Quer :  LINK
  24. Very nice website for PRESSURE for ESO :    LINK

  25. Website with booklinks and transcripts about many 2nd batx chemical issues. In 
        this case about how to adjust and balance redox equations :    LINK 1   LINK 2

  26. Bunch info in catalan iES Ramon Berenguer IV about acid-base neutralizations 
       and volumetrics :   LINK

  27. Nice webs for ESO’s solution subject  :  LINK 1  (slides)    LINK 2

  28. Incredible "solucionario" physics and chemistry university level with more than
        2000 pages in slides.         LINK

  29. Nice quick web to compress videos with less Mb and make them weigh less : link

  30. Very nice blog for FQ all ESO grades , with activities :  blog

  31. Chemistry simulations Phet :   web

  32.  Phet simulations science : web

  33.  ChemEd DL , nice web with resources and 3D molecules models you can
         choose and move and see how atoms connect to each other. All composts you
         want to find just writing the name in the searching bar.    Web

  34. Química en context-blog del departament amb aplicacions de la química a la
        vida quotidiana per estudiar i explicar el temari de 2nd batx química: web

  35. Buen portar de química con datos prácticos y ejemplos de moléculas : Link

        Y que tiene buenos enlaces a otras webs de química como por ejempla esta
        que está muy bien como temario de química en inglés :   Link

  36. Muy buen blog con muchos muchos recursos para 4ESO y más :   Blog

  37. Blog con ejers y material, ok , de mates y FQ de eso y batx :  Blog

  38. Webs para earth and space science :