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7th GRADE SCIENCE : Article 6 : Sort of forces.

7th GRADE SCIENCE :  Article 6 :  Sort of forces.

                           WHAT KIND OF FORCES IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE?

    * Activity 1.3 (5 points) :   Sort of forces.      ( 8/25/17 Friday )


         1.3.a   Review crossword exercise.   (stiffing structures ).
                   Students must finish their report from the class of yesterday (stiffing structures ).

                     Show video about Tacoma bridge collapse.


        1.3.b   Paying attention to the activities societies achieve for living, we can deduce the different kind of forces we can have. ( Electrical force, magnetic force, tension force, friction force,  nuclear force, contact forces, non contact forces or action at a distance forces, gravitational forces, centripetal force, centrifugal force, etc ) , but in physics we have the following classification.
                  Observe the drawings at the sheet you are given and try to match each one with the appropiate kind of force using arrows :

                                                                       KIND OF FORCES

      ( 8/28/17 Monday )

              Activity 1.3.b.2         -  Review of the kind of forces we studied on last Friday :        CROSSWORD 1.  ( 5 points ).

                                                - We must now organize and distribute the forces we know in two main groups :

                                               CONTACT AND NON CONTACT FORCES VIDEO 1.

                                                              NON CONTACT FORCES VIDEO 2.


        1.3.c  Make a table and classify the kind of forces you know in two groups, "contact forces" and " action at a distance forces or non contact forces" :

     ( electrical force, applied force, normal force, frictional force, magnetic force, nuclear force, spring force, gravitational force, air resistance force, tension force ).

                                                                  TABLE  ( 5 points ).

           1.3.d  Make groups of four people and with the objects given, try to creat some of the different kind of forces you have learnt.

                ( string , marble, elastic band, battery, paper, rug, plastic tube, nail, wire, tape, balloon, paperclip, magnets,   ... some other objects you can have around you...).   (10 points ).

         1.3.d   8th Period, poster about kind of forces, pictures and drawings. (10 points).
                    In groups of 4 students, organise and create a poster to be hanged on the 
                    wall outside science classroom about the main kind of forces we have
                    studied in class.   ( 15 points ).


                                                         8th Period drawing posters ( KIND OF FORCES ).

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