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7th GRADE SCIENCE : Article 17 : Newton's laws.

7th GRADE SCIENCE : Article 17 :  Newton's laws.

                                  NEWTON’S LAWS.


* Activity 1.21   :   How a plane flies and forces involved.                          ( 10/2/17   Monday )

              1.21.a    Plane reaction force reading and questions.    ( 10 points ).

               1.21.b    Reaction force engine.   ( 10 points ).

              1.21.c    Reaction force search word.     ( 10 points ).

* Activity 1.22   :  First contact to Newton’s laws.                                            ( 10/3/17   Tuesday )

- Take a tablet from the chart-trolley and go to the following link to do this task.

               1.22.a    First contact with Newton’s laws.         ( 10 points ).

                      - Once you have looked this link up, answer the following questions :

                                        - Who was Isaac Newton?.

                                        - When did he live? Which century?.  Where?.

                                        - What did he do?.

                                        - How many motion laws did he sketch out?.

                                        - What kind of scientist he was?.

                                        - What another issues about science did he do?.

                                            - What is the first Newton’s law?.

                                        - Tell a situation or example in which the first law is involved.

* Activity 1.23   :  Second Newton’s law (Motion).                                ( 10/4/17   Wednesday )

               1.23.a    Go to the following link and read about Second Newton’s law. After that
                             answer the following questions :                                ( 10 points ).

    a0)  Who wrote the second Newton's law?.

    a1)  What is the difference between the first and the second Newton’s law?.

    a2) Write and explain what the second Newton’s law says about forces and motion.

    b) What is the mathematical equation for the second Newton’s law?.

    c) Tell an example in which the second Newton’s law is involved.

    d) Look this example (car)  up, later do the following similar exercise at your workbook:

        Mike’s car, which weighs 2,000 kg, is out of gas. Mike is trying to push the car to a gas station, and he makes the car go 0.1 m/s/s. Using Newton’s Second Law, you can compute how much force Mike is applying to the car.  


               1.23.b   Go to the following LINK and summarize , using your own words, the most important that is said about the second Newton’s law.       ( 5 points ).

               1.23.c  At the following LINK you can make a test and check what you know about the second Newton’s law after having done these activities.  ( 5 points ).

* Activity    :  No school today.                                                           ( 10/5/17   Thursday )

                                                                     NO SCHOOL.

* Activity   :  No school today.                                                             ( 10/6/17   Friday )

                                                                           NO SCHOOL.

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