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7th GRADE SCIENCE : Article 18 : Reviewing Newton's laws and third Newton's law.

7th GRADE SCIENCE :  Article 18 :  Reviewing Newton's laws and third Newton's law.


* Activity 1.24   :   Reviewing Newton’s laws.                                                ( 10/9/17   Monday )

             1.24.a    Reviewing Newton’s laws TEST.           ( 10 points ).

              1.24.b    Newton’s first laws Word search.          ( 5 points ).

* Activity 1.25   :   Reviewing Newton’s laws vocabulary.                         ( 10/10/17   Tuesday )

              1.25.a    Reviewing Newton’s laws 2.                  ( 10 points ).

             1.25.b    Reviewing Newtons’s laws 3.                 ( 5 points ).

              1.25.c    Reviewing Newtons’s laws  vocabulary 4.   ( 5 points ).

* Activity 1.26   :   Third Newton’s law.                                                ( 10/11/17   Wednesday )

              1.26.a   Look the following webpage up and read about the  Third Newton’s law
                           When you finish Reading it, answer the questions below in a wordfile :  
                           ( 10 points ).

        * Questions and activities :

                 -  Who wrote the Third Newton’s law?.
                 -  What does the Third Newton’s law say?.
                 -  What does a rocket have to do with the third Newton’s law?.
                 -  When you push an object, it pushes back.  Is this right?  why?.
                 -  Remember the reaction force car we made in class a weeks ago.
                    Explain how the third Newton’s law is involved when the car works.
                    ( You can use or make a draw to explain it).
                 -  Look for an exemple and a picture in which you explain that the third
                    Newton’s law is involved. ( springboard jump ).
                 -  If you stay just in front of a Wall and you push it hard, what does it
                    happen?.   Explain it using the third Newton’s law.

                 -  Check the following web out and look at the swimmer’s picture.
                    Explain what is happening at the picture using the third Newton’s law.

                 -  Read the following webpage now and explain using your own words 
                    why is so important to consider the third Newton’s law in order to build
                    a rocket. Explain also how the rocket’s engine Works.

                1.26.b   Do the following activity and explain the aftermath after having read the links

                       - Look at this picture.  Explain what is going to happen and use the third
                       Newton’s law to explain it.                    ( 5 points ).

* Activity 1.27   :   Summarising Newton’s laws.                                     ( 10/12/17   Thursday )


             1.27.a    Check and read the three Newton’s laws at the following web.
                           Then write a nice outline or summary about them and send it to me by email.
                                                                                                                  ( 10  points ).

             1.27.b    Newton’s  laws drawing for using in the poster.     ( 10 points ).
                            Use the given drawings above to show the three Newton’s laws in your poster.
                            At the pink paper given make an outline up showing the 3 Newton’s laws 
                            using the drawings given.  You can see an EXAMPLE here about how to do it.


              1.27.c   Read the Newton’s biography and make a nice summary USING YOUR OWN
                                                                                                                  ( 10  points ).


                                              AT HOME YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT NEWTON HERE !!.

* Activity 1.28   :   Balanced forces.                                                            ( 10/13/17   Friday )

                 1.28.a    Copy these paragraphes at the paper given to you today :

                             1.   " Balanced forces are a consequence of the third Newton’s law or also called
                                  action-reaction law of motion. This law is used to explain how forces act when
                                  an objecte is in balance or EQUILIBRIUM and then the object remains in its place
                                  due to the action of several forces acting upon it. Like a lamp hanging from the 
                                  roof or a piece of wood floating on the sea ".

                              2.   " When two or even more forces acting on an object are equal in size but act in
                                    opposite directions, we say that they are balanced forces.
                                    If the forces on an object are balanced ( or if there are no forces acting on it ) 
                                    this is what happens " .  :

                                                     * An object that is not moving stays still.

                                                     * An object that is moving continues to move at the same speed
                                                        in the same direction.

                                                                                     ( 5 points ). 


                 1.28.b    Balance force is a consequence of the third Newton’s law, the action-reaction
                               force. Look the following link up and copy the definition in the paper given to you:

                                                                     Balance force.      ( 5 points ).

                                                       Once you have finished it all you write your 10 points at your score.


                 1.28.c    Go to the following WEB and look it up. Next open a google doc file and
                               paste a picture about a lamp hanging from the roof , a piece of Wood
                               floating on the sea and a box placed on a table and below each pic explain
                               how each object does not move or is in equilibrium. Use vectors and forces
                               in order to explain how the balanced force act upon them.

                                                                                     ( 10 points ). 


                1.28.d     Look the following WEB up and explain in a piece of paper how the game
                               of tug of war can be a nice example about BALANCED FORCES.

                                                                                             ( 5 points ).

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