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                                                                LESSON 1


   - Pre-task (5 points) : 

  Level test to assign current course students level.


    - First of all, we should check what science is and what is used for, because we are studying forces and forces are just a part of the big branch of Physics (science).

  * Activiti 1.0 (5 points) :      WHAT SCIENCE IS.  ( 8/17/17 Thursday )

      1.0.a   Sit in groups of four and write in a sheet the answers you think are appropiate for the following questions :   (discussion in groups).

         - Copy the following questions in your notebook :
What science is? , what is it for? , How many parts does it have? , Which ones are we going to study? , do we use it in our daily life?...

                           Template to fill out :  WHAT SCIENCE IS.

       1.0.b  Watch this video and after check again the answers you gave to the previous questions and change the answers if needed.

                                  VIDEO 1

                                  VIDEO 2

          * Activiti 1.1 (10 points) :    Force’s effects.    ( 8/22/17  Tuesday )

1. In order to learn what a Force is and the effects Forces can produce we develope the ACTIVITY 1.1.
      1.1.a  In this activity you are going to follow your teacher instructions in order to manipulate the following materials : Two pieces of paper, a pen, marble, your own hands.
                 In pairs, with those objects, ask your partner what you must do to get the following effects :  

                       - Folding.
                       - Deformation, loss of shape.
                       - Breaking.
                       - Heating.
                       - Change of velocity, turn, spin, motion.

       1.1.b  Draw a chart at your notebook in which you write the effects a force can do.
                 Besides the effect write a little description of an example of you have done in order to get that effect.

                 Draw a chart like this :    CHART.

        1.1.c  We should try now to explain what a force is, what it is not an easy task.
                  Talk in a voice level 2 with your classmate about how to explain what a force is. Try to explain to each other without using the Word FORCE.

         1.1.d  Once you have talked for a while, and when your teacher tells you, watch the following video and after watching it, talk with your partner again trying to explain now with other words what you thing a force is.

                                         VIDEO 1.1.d  Forces and its effects.

                     After watching the video and talking with your classmate, write a proper definition at your notebook about what you think a force is. You can use an example (situation) in order to explain it.

           1.1.e    > Once you have written your own definition about what a force is, copy the following description of a force :


           A Force is :
                      a) A force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the object’s interaction with another object.

   b) Whenever there is an interaction between two objects, there is a force upon each of the objects.

   c) When the interaction ceases, the two objects no longer experience the force. Forces only exist as a result of an interaction.

                                                                  What a force is...

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