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4ESO FQ English 2018-2019. Unit 5 WORK AND ENERGY. Article 7.

4ESO FQ English 2018-2019. Unit 5  WORK AND ENERGY. Article 7.

                                  WORK AND ENERGY 

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                                           Khanacademy, videos about Work and Energy.

     - Website to have a general view and study of this lesson 5 about Work and energy.

     + What is this lesson about and what does work and energy lesson study? :

     When a force acts upon an object to cause a displacement of the object, it is said that work was done upon the object. There are three key ingredients to work - force, displacement, and cause. In order for a force to qualify as having done work on an object, there must be a displacement and the force must cause the displacement. There are several good examples of work that can be observed in everyday life - a horse pulling a plow through the field, a father pushing a grocery cart down the aisle of a grocery store, a freshman lifting a backpack full of books upon her shoulder, a weightlifter lifting a barbell above his head, an Olympian launching the shot-put, etc. In each case described here there is a force exerted upon an object to cause that object to be displaced.

        In this unit, an entirely different model will be used to analyze the motion of objects. Motion will be approached from the perspective of work and energy. The effect that work has upon the energy of an object (or system of objects) will be investigated; the resulting velocity and/or height of the object can then be predicted from energy information. In order to understand this work-energy approach to the analysis of motion, it is important to first have a solid understanding of a few basic terms. Thus, Lesson 1 of this unit will focus on the definitions and meanings of such terms as work, mechanical energy, potential energy, kinetic energy, and power.

      + Work and energy definition VIDEO                              Go there !!

      + Word definition activity and problems to solve :      Page 1       Page 2       Page 3       Page 4

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